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Anyone know at what rate teckels grow at. I have an 8 month old dog and he's not even the size of a miniture dach yet. His mother was a good size bitch and although I never saw the father I was informed he was a tad smaller than the bitch.

​Cheers. Matt.


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Hi Matt,

I'm no expert on the growth rate, but here are a couple of pic's of my pup at 12 weeks (weighs 4.5 kg) next to a friends adult dog. My pup was the largest in the litter if that makes any difference.

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There are 3 sizes of teckel. Normal, kanin (rabbit) and Dvärg (dwarf). I bought a normal size, wire haired teckel bitch to send to England from a very well know breeder here. I showed her once to get a kritik And she only just made normal size. The litter she came from all looked different rangeing from nearly smoothcoated to wire haired and from a good normal size down to the little bitch.
Don't worry to much about size a teckel is never going to run and pull down a deer. Just enjoy the crocodile


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As a newcomer to teckels I'm also interested, my female pup just in from Germany weighing 5.5kg at 16 weeks. I'm told she will make 8-10kg when fully grown. Josefine with roe leg - Copy.jpg


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Just weighed him. He's 6kg so probably not that far off the mark or won't be by the time he's 12months.
He must just look really small at the side of my other dogs.


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Some one once told me that you shouldn't breed from a teckel bitch that is lighter than 9kg, does any one have any insights on this?


Some one once told me that you shouldn't breed from a teckel bitch that is lighter than 9kg, does any one have any insights on this?

For what reason did they say they shouldn't be bred from? It's down to personal preference I would think. My own bitch weighs about 7kg wet through but was out of a larger bitch. To answer the OP, generally the smaller the breed the quicker they attain full size/weight. By 8 months I would expect them to be there or thereabouts, with just a bit of 'filling out' to do.


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Mine is just 15 months old and weighs 8.5kg. I would say she has only recently stopped growing judging by people who see her infrequently. Her coat is also continuing to improve. As a pup she was very "smooth" but has now grown a lovely tight wirey coat with a good beard.


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Matt, you seem to know the size of miniature teckel???
finding this information????why do you need help for Standard Teckel??
No hard feelings!!!!! My experience is Miniature up 5kls Standards 5 kls
and over. I have had second litter Dam 8.50 kls x sire 9.75 kls 11
puppies in total. My way of breeding any breed of dog is to x small sire
to to larger dam, and slightly larger sire to smaller dam!!! And lowest%
inbreeding coinficient. My Teckels are 0 % inbreeding??? Ps.This is my
way,!!!! And has been for over 50 years. And will never change.
All the very best , and you have made a good choice a Teckel.
A hard hunting faithful companion!!! To me and many others !!
A large dog in a little body!!! They will never give up!!!!
i do it my way!! Long line for artificial tracks!!!
live tracks free run. On the stop whistle until I catch up
Once you can read your dog which is the most important point,
The rest is a good reward on the find ,and plenty praise and
cuddles. Just like the wife .gives you when you come home
boozzzzie. Lol. Life is short !!Be happy,best of luck with your Teckel
​A dog is for life .Mans best companion.
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