Teckels how they doing.?

slink dog

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Hi lads my teckel I got from Tom (the mighty buck ) is seven month old now and is doing really well hunting free with my little pack .and also blood trailing I was just wondering how the rest of the litter is going I know one or two got sold to people on here .Would be good to hear from any of you.

The mighty buck

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Hi Ian glad to hear you are getting on well with her, i have spoken to a couple of the local guys that took pups and they are getting on well, although one of the dog pups seems to be a bit more stubborn than the owner would like! but that's the character of these dogs for you. i got a couple of pictures a while back from one in the south west of Scotland i will see if i can dig them out and post them up here. it would be great t see a picture if you have any.
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image.jpg Morning slink dog and Tom, my little bitch I got from you is doing really well, I'm really pleased with her. She is showing great promise on a few trails I've done with her and is mad keen on the deer once she's come across it. Hopefully all being well she'll keep progressing, but absolutely chuffed to bits with her. She comes everywhere with me, follows me round the farm flat out behind the quad,or sits up on the front. Hope your getting on well with your pup slink dog and sorry to hear about your dog.

Will try try to get some pics up later on.

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