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It's been up to 110 deg since the hot spell started,, today it was just under a 100 deg in the shade, don't know what it was in full sun,,, weren't stupid enough to go out in it.:cool:


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I'm usually not one for sun, but even I'm loving the weather just now. I think it's because it's back to being a dry heat, rather than the usual 90-odd% humidity we usually get up here when it gets really warm. My lawn has finally stopped growing (I've cut it twice in the last 4 weeks, as opposed to four-times-a-bloody-week!), we have a heavy load of fruit on the pear and apple trees, all the strawberry and gooseberry bushes are hanging with fruit, and we've even managed to leave the wellies behind whenever we've been to the beach this year. First time in about 15 years we've had a 'proper' spell of decent summer weather. I can handle a crap winter quite happily if this is what we have in store weather-wise from now on :D

paul o'

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33 c today melting at 91f



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37C Deg, that's hot even for my spot directly across the bay south of Melbourne. When you get 34's for six days in a row, now that's debilitating. You have to keep the fluids up and don't do serious exercise outside. Good luck gents.


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Its due to be warm again today. Forest fires raging in many place in Sweden. Water bombing planes from Italy, A large contingent of firemen from Poland, Germany and Austria helping fight the fires. Rain promised on Sunday with a bit cooler temps next week. Upside is the grass does not need mowing.


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We've been promised thunder and lightning today and over the weekend so hopefully will get some water in the rivers. Did laugh when I saw the comment about Celsius and Fahrenheit …… I always take the water temperature in Fahrenheit, but the air temperature in Celsius! Why? …. I have no idea at all, just makes it easier for me! As long as it rains in September when I head North and cools down to "normal" Sutherland temperatures, I'll be a happy man:lol: