Tenderum Fridge Converter


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I saw this today in the new Bushwear catalogue. To be honest it's something I have been thinking of doing myself, but thought it would compromise the fridge in some way. (As it looks as though the internal fridge walls have been cut.) I was thinking of making up an internal frame to suport the horizontal hanging bar.
BushWear: Tenderum Fridge Converter

Has anyone used this kit before? Does it involve cutting the fridge's lining? If so, won't that ruin the fridge?


There is a better picture in the hard copy catalogue which shows the bar going through the side walls of the fridge. It also lists a holesaw in the kit. So it deffinitely goes through the internal side walls of the fridge. Do we have any refridgeration engineers on the site?
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I put a post on awhile ago about this, if you have a fridge without a cooling coil on the back or a cooling coil underneath dont drill holes in the side as the manufacturers have started to put the coil in the side of the fridge, the new type fridges are using Butane as a fridge gas and if you did not know it is flammable so dont go drilling holes with an electric drill,
The old type fridges are ok,


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Cheers Sikadog, I'm a fireman so that would be embarassing...

I'll have a search for your post.