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I have the questions bank as part of the BDS I bought but not the answers!!! Can anyone direct me towards them - makes studying awfully hard if you don't know which are right or wrong....


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Every single answer is in the book. It's bad enough them printing the questions in advance sharing the answers and you might as well just download and print your own level 1 cert.

If there are odd, specific questions you are struggling with then post them on here. Give your answer first.

Promise they are all in there.


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Bought that already! Read the Manual a few times over, but I find note sheets the best way to remember personally; especially for an exam. Going back to source material only distract's from the original objective imho.


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Goodlgle dsc training.org
For £10 you get 1month access to questions, answers mock exams and identification tests.
Well worth the money.


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Read the manual and learn it ! There is an awful lot of really useful info in there, the Deer Initiative Best Practice guides are also really good. The only answer that I couldn't find was the swollen kidneys one but a a quick google search revealed it. You will find that SD members will help you out on anything that you get really stuck on but a simple answer sheet would not be doing anyone any favours. Good luck with your studies. atb Tim


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Just received my DSC 1 certificate and found that the best way is just read through the manual in bite sized pieces, all the answers are there and a whole lot more. When you do your DSC 1 course you will have ample opportunity to recap and ask about anything your not sure about.

A simple answer sheet will probably get you a pass but what have you learned?

Good luck




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Just passed my L1 I got the ultimate deer data from BDS
everything on that and more. Good luck