Thank you for having me !


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Good day guys. My name is Milen
and I am a passionate Hunter. I am from Bulgaria but have spent last 7 years around the world, last 4 of them in UK. I am still wondering do I really need my UK Shotgun License as I usually spend 2 weeks in October, December and January back home hunting quails , doves, pigeon, wild boar, varmints, geese, ducks, rabbits, and woodcock. For the purpose I use different guns chambered in different calibres. I will attach photos as I am sure you want be familiar with some of them:

For quail , dove, pigeon, and woodcock I use my dads old ИЖ-54 12 bore side by side

I use to hunt geese with my МЦ 21-12 12 bore semi-auto but sold it as I really like Benelli M2 and probably will be getting me one next season

For the wild boar I use semi-auto Benelli Argo in 30-06 with Aimpoint Hunter 30L

Varmints I hunt with Remington SPS Varmint .243 with 2.5-10x56 Hawke Endurance Scope

and for fun with friends I have .22 ТОЗ-8М

I haven't seriously stepped on this front here in UK as I dont know many people hunting (besides my clients at work) and dont wanna start doing it alone. Occasionally I get me a Costco voucher for a guided shoot but that is all really. My intentions are to gain some general knowledge for how the hunting and shooting are done here and to meet(why not?) some of you in person, even to help you as a beater on your hunts and to decide do I want to start doing it here as well.
Thank you for accepting me and looking forward meeting you all.


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Plenty of shoots operate in your area, shouldn't take you long to find somewhere to beat.