thanks santa


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well santa has visited today and finally I have gotten my Christmas present. although he was late I will forgive him as all deliveries are late in Scotland.

a sauer 202 Syncro XT Compact in 30-06.

hopefully I can get time to head up to tain tomorrow and buy a scope / mounts so I can shoot the thing. I really am like a child at Christmas.

IMG_2622.JPG IMG_2624.JPG


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thanks, now I just have to sell a kidney so I can buy a new scope and moderator.

p.s still not tried the federal ammo yet but will let you know when I do.


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nice one:) santa to must have gave you my pressy. if you would like to pm me and return to the proper owner. Thanks tommo. and I will return the socks I got for you


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Gregor ey has some good second hand glass to suit most budgets, weel worth a look!
I bought a z5 for my other Sauer .243 from him. it was a second hand unit and I have to say I couldn't tell it had been out the box, even under close inspection. the deals there are fantastic. this time however I want something with the ballistic turret so looks from his stock list that I will have to go for a new one.

I would recommend macleod`s to anybody looking for a scope, especially a second hand swaro. (although I say second hand I am sure they are factory refurbed and sent to them as they have full warranty and never have a mark on them)