Thanks to the forum


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Hi folks

This is a special thanks to three members of the forum in particular
Cervus and EMcC for arranging a bit of stalking for me (this forum is useful in so many ways!) and to tartinjock for the excellent and simple instructions about how to set up an account on photobucket and then how to upload piccies.

This is what is hopefully my first (ie not only) cull buck of the season


Thankfully it was a clean shot, I had watched the buck for an hour or so, at first he was lying in a ditch in a patch of weeds and all I could see of him was ear tips and antler tops, there were a couple of does feeding between me and him but he wasn't interested (they had kids at the heel, does that make a difference?), but when a young single doe came into the field he perked up a bit, then when she urinated he came running over to investigate.
He stopped in front of me, broadside on about 80yds off and stretched his neck out to have a good sniff at where she had wet the grass, and stood stock still when he did. For a change I didn't get a touch of the shakes but managed to keep a steady aim on him.
My 150gr .308 Nosler BST entered the right side of his rib cage as prescribed and left a tidy exit wound on the left (you might just make it out in the photo) and he dropped on the spot I'm glad to say.
When gralloched (expertly by EMcC by the way, that man can handle a knife!!) we could see that I had top heart shot him and the BST round had pulverised his lungs as well as removing about a quarter of his heart, I hope he was dead before he hit the ground, there was no sign of kicking or thrashing where he lay, just a lot of blood and a big chunk of lung by his side so I think he died quick and clean (I hate to think of the little fellas suffering at all).
Incidentally this and a couple of other recent experiences confirm the .308win as my calibre of choice now, I used to love the .243win (and still do for foxes) but I have seen similar shots run a bit with the lighter calibre, in future I'll pack "enough gun" where circumstances, ie cops and FAC, allow and take the bigger rifle.
He was only a cull buck with a skinny, barely sixpoint head (he made 38lb clean weight which surprised me), but with such a clean shot and having spent a warm summer evening watching does, kids, hares, bunnies and birdies it was a time to remember.

Thanks once again to the guys mentioned above and to the rest of you, admin team in particular, who make this forum worth a visit for a chat, a bit of brain-picking or even accessing some shooting. I hope you like the photo and my first attempt at posting a picture with report.

All the very best, Geoshot


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Good write up and nice picture.

An hour's a long time - could you not get a safe shot or were you just enjoying the stalk and taking your time ?


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Hi Snowstrom,
Couldn't get a safe shot, he was lying down like he was bedded up for a while and with so many does about any movement from me would have spooked them and him.
One hour is nothing, I have waited up to three hours for a shot before, softly softly catchy monkey and all that. Plus my time in the force gave me plenty of practice of stagging on and waiting.
Like I said it was enjoyable, even a privilege to sit and watch all the goings on about the place.


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Your welcome Geoshot.

I have not really done anything to be honest.

All 3 of us know each other, I have shot several Fallow and Sika with Cervus, EMcC has taught me how to reload and pointed me in the right direction for several other Shooting/Stalking related things.

Glad you had a good day, may there be many more to follow.



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a good trip and a good outcome. This is the thing I have found when out with a friend the time just goes by because you are just enjoying being out in the fresh air


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Good picture and an enjoyable write up mate.
When i`m out i like to have a while where i can watch the world go by, it`s my "think time" There`s so much going on around us we take for granted.


Well-Known Member for an hour being a long time.... I bet it did not feel like it!!!
And there is never "too" long, when the out come is safe and clean. Well done, patience is well worth working on!!!


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well done the lads ;)
this is what these sites should be about, helping each other,
nice buck geo
hope you all sort out another trip together soon
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