Thankyou Buckup


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I had arranged to pick up my new rifle from Tikka in Northants yesterday.After corresponding with Buckup he invited me down on his ground for a morning stalk after munjac,then I would pick up my rifle on the way home.
I had a great day in Buckup's company.We saw two munjac and I got my crosshairs on a doe but we decided to leave it be just in case it had a dependant fawn.It made my day seeing these two deer,as I had never seen one in the flesh before ,let alone get into a position to shoot one.I really enjoyed watching that doe through the trees,standing there barking at us.
The day flew by and we parted company mid afternoon and on my way home I called in at Tikka's to pick up the rifle.
This evening I zeroed my new scope in and so far I'm very pleased with the rifle and scope.
Thankyou Buckup for going out of your way to take me stalking and for giving me such a memorable day.

Kindest Regards,


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great to hear you hav got your new rifle and are very pleased with it , wait till you hav christened it on your first fox then a deer aswell , nothing like it , mark pm'ed me about the stalk, and could not sing your praises enough , hopefully we shall meet again in the fall, so i can see this new toy of yours that you were so excited about getting
also welldone mark for giving gyr the experience he was so looking forward too


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Hi Gyr,
I spoke to Buckup yesterday and he was very impressed with your stalking abilities and your respect for the deer. Praise like that will set you in good stead with other stalkers. I'm sure you won't be short for stalking offers mate. ;)

Well done. :D


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the pleasure was all mine.
As you will have read, that doe spared will pay you back many times over.
I took great delight in seeing your grin as we walked away from her. You and I knew she was yours had you wanted, you made the right decision, and I thankyou for that. You are allways welcome back, here and elsewhere as a result of your respect for that doe.
Kind regards, come back soon,


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Thankyou for your comments chaps,they are very much appreciated.
All the best,