Thankyou Stone

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I spent a very enjoyable few hours stalking with Stone last night on his lovely swathe of ground in Warwickshire.
We saw lots of deer but no bucks that were shootable.
It was a joy being out with someone who knows what they are talking about and who is keen to pass on his knowledge to a novice at stalking like myself.
I have been kindly invited stalking by several members of this site and I have nothing but praise for the way in which I have been treated since I joined.Joining it has been one of the best things I have ever done.
Thankyou Stone for a great evening..
Kindest Regards,


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Good on Ya Stone.

I have been at the receiving end of a few invites through this site, everyone of them appreciated.

Nice helpful people on here who endevour to pass on their experience to others and ask for nothing in return.

Glad you enjoyed it Gyr.



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well done stone,glad you enjoyed yourself gyr stone has got some nice ground down that way and he looked after me and steyr 243 when we were down there with him.there are some true gents still around.see you at the cla richard.


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Hi there Gyr

yes it is a fabulous piece of ground, Stone took me out a week ago and we had a fantastic time.. 8)

I have promised to write up my experiences, which I will do very soon :D


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it was a pleasure to stalk with you
not sure what you were expecting when you started to load your kit into my motor, but i did notice you carried a pretty good torch with you while stalking, ;) only when you pulled it out and extended it to about 18inches and put it towards your face did i realise what it was, :oops:
a budding patrick moores of the stalking world :lol: :lol:
keep well my friend
the wine was much apprecitated but not nessecary thanks anyway as i am enjoying it so far
hope to see you back up here in august/september and we will try again
ps leagal by the time you write that one up, that roe will be all gone, and you will probaly onto the next stalk with me :lol:


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Stone I am looking forward to coming out with you again already.
Swampy chuckled to himself when he saw my old trusty 'scope as well,and yes you are right,a pair of good bino's will have to be my next purchase.
How are the nettle stings on your hand?That woollen mitten sure came in handy eh! ;) :lol: :lol:
All the best mate,


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I`m new to this forum and Centrefireuk, i introduced myself to both. Here i had a warm welcome, Centrefireuk has blanked me completely on my introduction and i will be requesting deletion shortly, when i can be bothered to look again. Congrats to all on the directory and thanks. I can only learn by reading and asking. I would happily reccomend the directory to others.


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basil i am sorry you feel this way about centerfire
i myself am not a member but there are a few on this site that are and poddle you should know better
but this site as far as it goes has a lot to offer and members that are prepared to do what they can to help
but once again welcome aboard
this seems to be the site to be with
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