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Here's some pics of a recent trip alpine hunting in NZ. Plus a video link on vimeo http://vimeo.com/24027837 to Darrens outstanding stalk which resulted in two trophy bulls, one of which was 13" plus, and will certainly be one in the top 10 shot in NZ this year.

What is difficult to appreciate from the pics or the video is the steepness of the terrain.
I was not joking when I told the lads to "Get fit for alpine hunting in New Zealand"

Getting up to the thar is difficult enough for even a fit kiwi PH and certainly a serious challenge for the average bloke. And let me assure you that a bull thar is no small goat. They will easily outweigh most red stags. Getting them down off those mountains is no mean feat!!

But as hunts of a lifetime go....its hard to beat!!
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