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I got rid of my 223 but am now considering replacing it. The question is, should I stick to the sweet shooting 223 or should I go for something a bit hotter...204 Ruger, 22-250, 220 Swift etc? Are these fast cartridges too fast for Roe (ie bullet fragmenting on impact)? I know bullet choice will have a lot to do with it but as I've got a few charlies to boff, well, you get the point I'm sure.

I've no experience of anything other than 223 in the 22CFs so any advice would be welcome.


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I have tried a few of the 22Cfs but i have come back to the 223. It's lovely to shoot and worked well on the few deer i shot it with, obviously the 204 is very flat and looks very good on paper with bullets having high BCsfor more info on the 204 take a look at some american Varmint sites but remeber NOT DEER LEGAL. I tried a 220 swift and it was very flat but noisy. if i found that i needed more range over a 223 i would buy a 243 it's just so versatile and you can get factory Ammo for anything. My main use for the 223 is lamping and i find i run out of lamp before i run out of gun. .22BR might temp me but just to be different.


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I just sold my 223, was very accurate and a doddle to shoot.
I just received my howa stainless in 22-250, haven't fired a shot yet.
The reason for the 22-250 was, A) a bit longer range for foxes for day and
dusk shooting. B) We are allowed to shoot all deer with 22-250, I might use it on sika does or as a back-up rifle. 223 is not legal for any deer here.
C) the 22-250 has the same bolt face as many other calibres like 243, 260, 7-08, 308 and a few more. So if I want to change calibre it's easy.

For Roe I would think a fast twist 223 would be nice, one could go over the 55gr standard if needed.


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22Centre fires

I have both 223 and 22-250. Roe fall down dead with both shooting 55gn soft point ammo, Nosler BT's for foxy.

i inherited the 223 from a friend who moved abroad and i was going to use it for my son when he is old enough. I am a left hooker and the 22-250 is a remmy 700 in true left hand.

i can really say that i have shot a lot of long distance foxes/roe with the 22-250 but all i can say is that is is a lot heavier to cart about than the 223.

the other issue was getting the 22-250 to shoot well. 223 shoots 55gn federal out of the box to an acceptable standard the hotter one needed trigger work and pillar bedding mated to a home load to shoot well. But you do want more from the 22-250, what is fine in the 223 and we accept it , we do not from the 22-250. it has to group less than 1" @150m or there is no point in having it.

oh and what do i use............the 223 has no scope on it at the moment...............cos the wily od fox is always that bit further than you might imagine


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Hi Drew, you could go for something a bit more exotic if you liked...
How about a 5.6x57 or a 5.6x61 Vom Hofe Super Express. The road less travelled and all that. These kiddies bark a bit but they are very flat and were sufficiently powerful when Ireland had calibre restrictions to take sika and reds so Roe (in Scotland) and muntys should be no probs!


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Excellent info guys, thanks. It's confirmed my thoughts, I'm going to stick with, what to choose!!


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I would look at twist rate first. Something
faster than 1in12, maybe 1in 9 , this
would cover 50-60gr maybe a bit more.
Tikka, Sako, and some cz have them.



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A nice round for the 1in12 223 is the sako sp 55gr if the
rifle likes it.
The cz has a lovely tiny action for the 223 saves a bit
of weight and is well made. You can get a howa in stainless
and it's a very simple rifle and good quality. I'm
just piddling around with one. As I said earlier if you get
a howa 22-250 that action could be used for a nice custom
job in the future after you shot out the factory barrel.
If you buy in 223 your'e stuck with that size.
The 22-250 bolt is quite universal.



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Im a New Zealand hunter and have taken hundreds of deer with a .223 sika red fallow and even the mighty samber plus chamios and himilayan tahr plus small game.i have settled on a remington sps tactical in .223 with a 1-9 twist,this enables me to use up to 75 grain projectiles but now im only using nosler 64 grain performance projectils and they leave the barrel around 3000 fps,this is a great bullet and to date this year i have had 24 deer and not found a bullet in any of them,they all pass straight thru and the deer just jump vertically and are dead.without a doubt it the best projectile i have ever used on deer in a .223.Dave
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im very suprised that the humble old .222 hasnt seen any support in this thread with it being a nice light and very accurate round?


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Judging by the address trucked in at the end of the post he might have had another reason for resurrecting this thread other than boredom.~Muir


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Thank you Cuz, and Happy Birthday for yesterday :old:

Judging by the address trucked in at the end of the post he might have had another reason for resurrecting this thread other than boredom.~Muir
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