The .243 is NOT dead! Long live the .243

Edinburgh Rifles

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We now have not one but two 100gr 6mm bullets that work in a standard 1:10” twist .243

Fox Classic Hunter
Peregrine VRG3

Both available in reloading component form
Peregrine 100gr .243 ammo available now
Fox 100gr .243 ammo available soon

Customer endorsement below:

Drop me a line to order or ask any questions


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We sometimes call loaded rounds bullets rather than cartridges/factory rounds ! Must be a north thing but I soon learned on this site not to offend/start a argument with people because of the way we say it up here 😂😂😂 so it’s bullets and cartridges/factory rounds for me now😂
I call them heads...even using the universal translator...
To Ed looks like they work just fine :tiphat:


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I've only ever known bullets as bullets but if I ask for bullets in local gun shops they always say do you mean heads :rolleyes:.

My 243 is very much alive and kicking so good news Ed.


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Good news from Edinburgh Rifles and music to the ears of the following listing which is now good for copper cased and solids:
Oh, and that 98 action is slick as a lizard’s tongue coated in copperslip!