The British shooting show 2015 - Range finding binoculars.


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Hi guys, I will be visiting the British shooting show this February , I am thinking of getting a pair of Rangefinding binoculars and am planning to give the Zeiss and Swarovski ones a look at when I am there, the most highly rated in reviews that I have read are the Leica geovid HD-B, though they are also the most expensive.

I wouldn't mind getting a decent set of second hand rangefinding bino's due to the very hight cost of a new set but I was hoping to get a look through the leica's first.

Does anybody know if Leica will be having a stand this year Or if any of the trade stands will be stocking them?

many thanks.


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This may sound crazy but a mate of mine bought the Leica from selfidges online, they were cheaper than all the others, and cheaper than anywhere else.


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I suggest you contact the 2nd worst gunshop in the UK ie Litts to get in a pair of the new Geovids and a pair off Zeiss so you can compare them.

Whilst the said consortium have awful customer services I must say the Exeter branch were very good when I was in a similar situation some years ago. I purchased the Leicas.

The new Leicas are very well thought out and has an insert able micro sd card.

If you search on here there is a link to a v detailed USA based review on the Leicas. Just remember Swarvi make glass Leica make glass and measuring equipment and have been in the laser measuring sector for decades.



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Just had a look at Selfridges... they don't appear to do the Geoivids! Best price I was quoted in the UK, after many hours on the phone, was £2,325. I paid £1,925 from delivery was next business day (free too if you use the 'shipping_free' code at checkout.

Excellent service, excellent communications and more importantly, excellent price!

I have owned the Zeiss, and the old Geovids (the HD version).. the new HD-Bs are superior to both. The only ones I haven't had are the Swaros but I have looked through them at shows and they didn't wow.. absolutely love my new leicas and at the price from optics-trade makes the decision a no brainer imho