The British Shooting Show


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Is anyone thinking of going to the British Shooting Show at Nottingham in Feb????? could be an idea for a meetup and if your thinking of going for both days then a good chance for a ****up .


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First I have heard of it, just looked it up, I think I may well pay a visit given it is just down the road. Thinking of starting reloading in the new year and this could be a good starter for ten.

The Singing Stalker

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I went this year. Didn't have enought time to get around. Bloody big show. Too damn far away but all being well hoping to get there again................without any money or heavens knows what I might end up taking back home with me. :D


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ill be there too probably on the saturday as have competitions most sundays, its a good place to go if youve plenty of spare cash and a willingness to spend


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be warned it gets really busy, over the 2 days but well worth a visit. Its more aimed at shotgunners and air rifle, not so many rifle stands last year as the CLA

it was all under the marquee's this year so the weather cant ruin it


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Getting back to Marko's post, the range is only down the road from the showground. So if anyone would like to spend the morning at the show and use their new toy in the afternoon let me know, or hows about a "try before you buy" try that one out at the show on some of the stall owners and see what they say.
The Cross Keys pub is only about 800yds from the Range.
Let me know what you think?


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Anyone wants to share a car from kent pm me please

Haven't been to this one, would be nice to have a look see - and keep satan behind me, have just checked out the website, looks there is some serious kit on offer at the show



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Yes we'll be there.

Visit JELEN DEER SERVICES stand, for great deals on stalkers' kit,

We'll be once again in conjunction with Brock & Norris Custom Rifles.

Come and have a chat and a beer with us!


(Director - Jelen Deer Services)


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I visited the Jelen Deer Services stand last year, had some cracking deals on DSC courses and the CD ROM. I remember also the BDS had a new CD out, with good ol' Ray 'chubby' Mears on it. I bought both CDs then ended up getting rid of the BDS one.
Jelen's was leagues above it and easier to use. Plus it got me a DSC 1 pass!!


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I`ll be there, been every year since it started great show the bank account is allways dipleted when i return.....getin.