The difference a year makes


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that's a lovely pair of labradors you've got there, john :d:d

I only thought you were interested in t*ts, they may be labradors but personaly think it was the best litter we have had. Anyway what have you got against the humble lab.the trouble with you vizsla owners is that you are as snobby as your godamn hounds. I will stick to my labs any day. Me a true working class boy.
I am going to watch labs all weeked at the CLA and do bugger all.
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Kite's sister Grebe is also doing well, slight delay in training for her first season/hot weather but she has a wonderful nose.. 8 June 2013.jpg


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Good morning Chris,
She is looking good, it looks like the whole litter are doing very well and from the feedback I am receiving will do their owners proud in the field. Are you going to the CLA? If you are call in and see me on the Stalkers UK stand, It will be good to see you.