The First, but there will be more!!


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We moved into our farm 38 months ago and have enjoyed most of it keeping sheep pig and poultry of various desciptions.

Many foxes have met there maker in the field in front of the big house but up untill a few months ago none a had commited the greatested of crimes. We knew that we would never shoot them all, so we built pens for the chickens that an sas team couldn't get into. The lambs were kept in till they were 2 weeks old and during lambing there was an armed patrol very two hours.

36 months no losses.

Then it happend the goats has damage a small run with three bantams, and it finally happened, we had lost.

So the hunt was on no prisoners. then one evening, just at last light the terrier was barking like a mad thing. my father went to check what was going on and he seen HIM but the thief mad it away safe.

Over many nights he was to fast or the shooters were to poor.

Then tonight i was sitting watching tv when the terrier went mad and was barking in the direction of the field. I let it be for a five mins but to change still barking, I lefted the binos and started to search the field. nothing , bloody stupid dog. after an hour its just dark enough to use the lamp so out i go not really expecting to see any thing. then eyes.

RUN RUN FATBOY, is all i can here in my head and run to the cottage lift my dad's .243, mount the light and off starting to slow down as I am shaking as i ly down on the road plainings drive i see it, clam down man just clam down.

Deep breath and 70gr of justice head down hill, THUD.


Eyes still there,( in my head i hear my dad say again you missed dick)

THUD all was dark.

txt my dad to say the fox is dead, the reply read "but there will be more"

I am still shakeing.



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Well done

Its a well know disease, "the fox shakes"
Only cure is to shoot more!

I was out tonight slotting bunnies and I squeaked a cub in to 40 yds, just getting ready, no click, stiff trigger....dammit! empty case in chamber!!

20 mins later another, this one came in to 25yds!
no operator error this time!!