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Hi everyone, back from the highlands, and now busy with Chinks and Munties with clients.

I see Mr B has been busy on the site. I enjoyed you and your wife's company Beowulf, and I hope you left inspired and wiser. I told you Japs are not as easy as you think?

We had a total of 7 Sika hinds and 3 Reds for 8 days. Not bad considering the weather was against us a great deal of the time. We would have had a few more, but I will await the report ;)

Thanks for the call Rob, sorry you could'nt make the Friday evening.

One of the best moments was this week whilst stalking the rivers edge, I had a very large dog Otter walk straight towards me, the look on my Bavarian's face was magical, Err what the hell is that!!!!


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Well, that's you home safe and sound, with the whole week wrapped up in a few paragraphs, even managed to squeeze in about the dog and the Otter.

Wait until we get the "other" version, I bet that has a line or two more in it :eek: :eek:

Glad you are back OK


PS Still raining but it is horizontal now!


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Hi Malc,
Good to see you back on the site. I've been working flat out since I came back so I've had very little time for anything including writing up the article. I did get out on my patch and tried for a munty or two. But in the time I was away the farmer has told me that two large Alsatians have been seen running loose after the deer. One fatality I'm afraid. What to do! :(
Deer are all stirred up and nowhere to been seen. I shot a vixen instead so a result of sorts. Has anyone got a recipe for Alsatian? ;)

Thanks again for the stalking Malc. The wife and I didn't want to leave! :( . It was the very best stalking I've ever had and the best company too!


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recipe for char grilled alsation
165 grain hornaday bullet head(308)
50.5 grains varget
3006 brass case(resized + chamfered)
federal 210 large magnum primer
put together carefully place in large bang stick type (brno3006)
aim just on chest (stationary)
pull trigger
after a little drag place in incinerator +cook for 6 hours leave to cool for over night
serves them right
NO NO ONLY KIDDING but its amazing how a little gossip of something like this brings out a lead, sorry for your loss i bet it would of tasted beautiful


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Hi Stone,
You must be in my neck of the woods. Am I reading this correctly, have you heard anything about these doggies or their owner? :confused: I have one lead, One old man in a white truck cab 4x4?


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sorry beowulf
i am allesley side of cov never venture that way all my stalking is wawrick and stratford way but hav a few mates been in the area a lot longer than me and some that move in large circles (mainly farmers)
any idea on make and age of pick up or maybe a name of a dog all could help in accosting this *********** old man


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300wsm. The area Beowulf stalked is only one of a number of areas I have . Although on this particular one I manage and lease the entire 8000 acres, and have done so for about 6 years.

I run a company called UK Outfitters which mostly concentrates on overseas clients for not only the UK but also Africa. However I am always willing to help good people out, and Mr B and his wife were guests at no chrage for the stalking. The invite was also extended to two others off this site but unfortunatly work commitments did not allow thier being able to make it at the last moment.

All I can say is keep in touch, by all means PM me if you wish and we will see what the new year brings ;)

Like I say I have no problems with helping out novice stalkers or good people who are honest and trustworthy (I guess you know what I mean by that, no dis resepect intended to anyone in any way)


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