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Dear Friends
I would like to take the opportunity to tell you all myself that I have decided to leave the SD site and to move on to pastures new.

Before doing so I would like to thank the many friends that I have made on this site, you really are top people and it has been my great privilege to know you. Should any of you wish to keep in contact I can be found on the CentrefireUK website or you can get my email and phone number from ‘messers’ Stone & Wadashot.

In the New Year I intend to launch my own website ‘Merry Maupertuis’ not a public forum but a site dedicated to promoting new website writers from amongst the shooting community. You will find many articles on the British Countryside, hunting and fishing, similar to those in the Articles section of this site.

Good luck and happy hunting to you all!

Kindest regards Steve.F (Beowulf).


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I have to say i'm gutted

I was only wondering last night how you were Mr B as i for one have missed your posts

Well i respect your choices i cant help, but feel gutted for the site and my self .

It's been good to know you for a short while , and i can only hope you will become one of the membership who reads the posts and chips in now and then (this may be grabing at straws)

Steve you will be missed all the best , and good luck with the future


Andy L

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Good Luck Mr B.
I might just take a visit to CentrefireUK and say hello sometime!


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good luck mate and look after yourself,i will give you a call in a few have my number if you fancy a chat in the mean time.


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One thought is biting my arse, we all respect Mr B and his choice to move to centrefire uk, has anyone stopped to think why? What has centrefire uk got that the SD hasn`t. He`s obviously a great friend to you all so why are you letting him go so easily. Sorry, but that`s just my opinion

Andy L

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Unfortunately Basil, Mr B. is big enough and ugly enough to make his own decisions. I say this affectionately! Mr. B. helped in a major way to get this site on the map and with that came a lot of grief. Most of which I know little about and it is none of my business but most of the grief came through PMs etc. It all became too much and I think that is the reason for the decision.
centrefireuk is a much smaller forum which should mean that Mr. B. does not get so involved and will have time for a life as well as a forum!


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Steve, may I wish you the best of luck with your new site. I'm sure it will be a success with you at the helm.

You will be missed here but will leave many happy memories.

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