The Loss of an Excellent Hunter


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Ladies and Gentlemen,
With your permisson I would just like to tell you that today I had to have my favourite Lurcher 'Poppey' put to sleep. A rapid acting bone cancer had taken hold before we had time to even notice. She bore the pain without complaint and did not bother us with her own problems. On her last walk along the riverside she scented for foxes and mink and her steely eyes looked along the tree line for Grey Squirrels a hunter to the end. I gave her a hunters send off and drank a fine Malt Whiskey and toasted her memory and remembered her many hunting exploits.

She will sit at the fireside now of a great hunting lodge in the company of other great hunters Hound, Hawk and Human.

It may sound daft to some, but that dog was everything to me and she will be sorely missed.

Thank you for listening.

Kind Regards Beowulf, Steve.F

paul k

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My sincere sympathies, it's very hard to explain to someone who hasn't had the experience of owning a very "personal" dog just how attached you get to them and what a loss they are when they inevitably go.

You will have others in the future that you feel almost the same about but you can never completely replace that special friend.


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I had a whipit staffie named puppie die about 18 months ago at 15 sh was still mousing and rabbiting 3 weeks before she died. I will never forget that little dog but it does get easier.

All the best



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Sorry to hear that mate. It's the one great sadness that all dog owners face, I always tell myself never again but, like most dogs there are days when you just don't listen. The particular joys bought to you by a dog can never be replaced, the good thing is they can be added to by other dogs.

It will get easier Steve



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Thank you all for your kind thoughts. The thing is, its the shortest day of the year and its been dark all day. Poppey was a tall, 27in to the shoulder rough coated 9 year old dog. She was a sunny blonde colour, even when she was going to the vets for the last time, the people waiting in the surgery all commented on her natural poise and beauty. Such a little sunray in the deepest and dullest of winter days. I'm so very proud of her and so very glad to have known her.

Its always been the same though I imagine, since man and dog first set off to hunt together those thousands of years ago. I'll wait until I get over my loss and look for another friend. I have four other dogs, Terriers and Lurchers, but it is'nt enough. I need a deer dog now. This government and the anti's and poachers have made it that Lurchers and Terriers can't go about what comes natural to them.

I just need to find that special dog now.


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it,s a sorry day for all us dog owners when someone loses a special one may she continue her journey to a happy hunting ground where the rabbits are plenty
best regards stone


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I am very sorry to of your loss. This is a sad day for you i know. The pain will gradually ease but the momories will allways be strong.
Steyr 243


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Sorry to hear of your loss beowulf.

Take comfort in the fact that your dog would have been well loved and would have known it.

I was brought up using lurchers and would be hard pushed to find a more loving type of dog with an excellent temprement that will give its all in the field.

I have now gone onto using a yellow lab whom is absolutely adorable, works like a good un and just wants to please.

Chin up mate.



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Sorry to hear of your loss mate, I lost my old spaniel in july, I was gutted for days, I still think of him often,

as time passes things get easier,
just remember the good times.


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Loosing good friends whether it be human or a faithfull dog is always hard to bare, and enevitably it happens more often as one gets older. But the memories live on inside you Steve, and thats what counts; time will heal.

Rest assured I am sure he is in the happy hunting grounds chasing every Rabbit and Fox he can find.


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Thanks everyone! I'm at the stage now where I'm noticing the scratches she made on the leather sofa and actually thinking that, that's a good thing! I've managed to laugh at some of the memories to. Like the time she for no reason I can think of, launched herself at a elderly Sikh gentleman in the local park. I think she liked his bright red turban and was trying to grab it off his head! She flattened him! He got up and ran away like a man half his age. I tried to apologise but it seemed a bit insincere as I was laughing my duck off at the time! :lol:

She will always be with me!


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Sorry to hear about the loss of your "pup" (mine were always pup til the day they left - keeps them feeling young), hope it doesn't ruin your christmas mate.