the medal system??? confused.

hello guys this may have been asked before so if it has just point me in the right direction of the thread... but can someone explain to how the medal system works new to stalking and to me a deer is a deer my knowledge goes about as deep as buck and doe.???


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There are several different organisations offering trophy measuring here in the UK (SCI, BASC,CIC) but usually on SD when we talk about trophy measuring we are referring to the CIC method.
Points are awarded according to the statistics taken by measuring a trophy, usually for antler size and weight and also points can be given for quality and appearance etc.
If a trophy is awarded enough points it gets a medal. A bronze medal Roe would require 105 CIC points, silver 115, gold 130.
CIC points necessary for other species to achieve a medal may vary.
Deer such as Chinese water deer have their tusks measured and points/medals awarded for the size.
The formulae for measuring trophies by SCI method can certainly be found on the interweb, not sure about CIC.