The Midland.

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Little Terry

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I am camping there Saturday night with a few mates - I hope this rain eases off. It was lovely weather last year.

I will don the regulation SD t-shirt for recognition purposes!



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Trapper said:
When WHERE oops hope it isnt this wekend!

don't worry trapper
you ain't missed it yet
as it is the 20th-21st of sept
but also that week and weekend is the APF
which is also held at cannock chase this year and the last day coincides with the first day of MGF
so might be a bit more traffic on the roads as you get nearer the show


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what on earth are all those abreviations Stone?
being no idiot obviously know what an MGF is, quite anice little sporty car :lol: but didn't know it had it's own little special day down there. Mind you there is very little going off down there and need to keep the strange idiginoooooous Canoookies amused :D

but what the APF? bit of an offshoot of the judean Popular Front? :rolleyes:


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I had a e-mail and a phonecall at the weekend from a lady who`s organised the ferret show at the Midland. She has asked me to judge the ferrets at the show. I said yes, as she`s paying my expenses.


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Myself and Ladystalker will be going on the sunday, l have won a free family ticket and bottle of whiskey from the BASC :D , guess l wont be driving home :p


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myself and all the family will be there on the saturday along with mark of the sight . Hope to see new and old faces there hope the weather stays kind for us all MUDDY
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