The New Apprentice............


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With the Linseed finally finished doing battle with the combine 5 days ago a steady trickle of pigeons has been building up on the stubble.

I have shot this field for years and found to my cost the birds flight in from large woods some distance away then hold up in the trees only a half mile away.

So the trick is not to shoot in the direction they sit in otherwise the disappear for the day!

Jack on the left is just starting his shooting journey, Olly his brother has been tagging along for 7 years. I set them up and left them to it as I had a bit to do.

That bit done I watched for a good while watching the action and noticed a number of birds would cut over a couple of Oaks, so I spent a couple of hours picking of a few birds while WW3 was taking place lol.

Jack was using my old sbs as it has a left cast, also I had it lapped out from the 1/2 and full to 1/4 and 1/2
so he is some where in the middle of a working patted gun....

Only being a few mins from home I went and picked up Chip as it was far to hot to have him out in this heat for long. In true Spaniel style he picked 7 out of the ditch toping the total to 51 and a Crow.