The office this morning.


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The pics are from North Eastern Victoria in the high country about 4 hrs N of Melbourne and it really is a wonderful part of the planet.


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Thanks for that, ive been going to Aus for over 30 years but never that far north of Melbourne, maybe that's my next trip .


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Make sure you have good boots!

Hidden in those bush folds are gully`s, gutters,swamps and creeks and lots of sambar deer!

The bottom pic is looking 'the other way' in a drier month.I currently have two trail cams on the bush edge behind the mutt and showing that there are a few deer aboot!

Sure there are plenty of deer but there are 10`s of 1000`s of acres of bush mixed up with them and they are not easy to get near.

The spikey I rolled the other evening was about 1200 yards or more up from these deer on that bush edge.

Maybe when you get to Melb you can take a drive.

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