The old .375h&h Question (Sorry Boys)

The Lucky Hunter

375 mag

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Hi Ghostrifle

Simply ring them up and tell them the 375 is a perfectly legal deer caliber and you want the conditions removing with immediate effect so that you can use this rifle the same as any other rifle you may own.


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Hi Richard

I had almost forgotten. my favorite bit of that evening was the reds in that wood. When we where so close we could smell them and we still couldn't see them.

I will be dropping back to show you what a real 30.06 looks like! :stir:

Look after yourself.



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The trouble is the HO Guidance is just that, guidance.
What might be unacceptable to Ghost Rifles police force might be acceptable to say my force, its not right but it happens.
We know its nonsense but our views and opinions don't count.

Richard, a year or so ago I would have agreed with you to a certain extent, some constabularies seemed hell bent on making it up as they went along and it could be a massive uphill struggle to get them to adhere to the Guidance.

However, there have been a couple of communications to Chief Constables and FLDs from ACPO FELWG, and an issue from the College of Policing that are game changers. Linked below and they are pretty self-explanatory but it should be noted that the missive from the College is an "Authorised Professional Practice" and contains these gems:

Firearms licensing departments must provide a service which is consistent nationally. Forces should, therefore:

  • align their licensing activities with this APP and the Home Office Guide on Firearms Licensing Law 2014
  • work together through the regional leads and stakeholder engagement to meet firearms licensing priorities
  • implement policy issued by the national policing lead.

Forces that choose not to align their activities with the Home Office Guide are required to notify the national policing lead of the Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group (FELWG) and provide a rationale for their decision.

Essentially, if any force doesn't now comply with the HO Guidance and the directives issued by ACPO FELWG they had better have a very good reason for it! No doubt this is all to do with providing proof that Firearms Licensing is operating effectively throughout the UK, and hence the issue of increasing fees can be supported, rather than primarily benefitting the likes of us, but it should be used by those such as Ghostrifle who are hitting a brick wall when requesting something that is both lawful and advised in the Guidance.

"The Use of Conditions on Firearm Certificates Letter 30th April 2013"

Home Office Guidance on Firearms Licensing Law Letter 1st October 2013

Obviously the request has be made authoritatively in writing and backed up with the supporting information from this thread and elsewhere, but if you don't ask you don't get.
Thanks Orion, i wasn't aware, that is a move in the right direction.

Ghost Rifle, where you scared the fox there were 8 hinds with a stag yesterday!
But i would think twice about shooting one, nightmare recovery.




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Thanks Orion

I was going to give up but with the letters and guidance you sent me I am going to make a fight of it. Make a note I owe you a drink and I pay my dues. Richard can this be, the man who carries Elk miles across Texas put off by a few small red deer? When I have shot one of course I have a duff ticker but I will shout encouragement from the car or the pub if it takes a long time.

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Hi Everybody

Just an update, I am pleased to announce I have an open ticket AOLQ on the .375. A big thank you to Orion and everybody else who persuaded me to push on and not take no for an answer.



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Well done David,

Nothing like a bit of persistence!

Hopefully all Police Forces are now finally coming round to the common sense approach......Hallelujah!!

Right now for the .416


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Ghost rifle, how di dyou go about it? Send a letter or just phonecall and back it up with the HO guidance? Were they obstructive or fairly easy to sway to your way of thinking?


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Well done for standing up for what you are legally entitled to and not conceding to the whims/interpretation of the Firearm licencing Deprtment for your Police Service.

I have the had the same arguement every renewal for some 15+yrs - but fortunately 'common sense' (yes that Will O'Wisp) has, not without significant communication, eventually prevailed.

Get on to use it and enjoy!

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