The paint mechanic !! (Ceracoat)


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I read on here a while ago about a gunsmith that was being slagged off and classed as a 'Painter' because he does a lot of Ceracoating.
I now know why he gets a lot of business ceracoating
A while ago I bought a 6x 42 'scope that needed a lot of TLC so I had it re-gassed and sealed but although it was as clear as could be, on the outside it looked like a tatty bit of pipe.
There were a few spots that turned out to be corrosion so no matter what I did it still looked as if it was fit for the bin.
However I wasn't going to give up that easily and thought Ah ! Ceracoat, so contacted James of Jager SA and asked for his advice.
Yes he could do it but it seemed like a bit of a big task due to the pitting caused by the corrosion.
I sent it off and kept my fingers crossed.
Well today the Postie knocked my door and asked me to sign for a package - yes, my scope.
I am not any good at posting pictures but I'll get round to it later as I am busy at the moment mounting my 'as new looking' scope on my .222.
It looks absolutely fantastic with it's nice new crinkly coat on all parts except the nomicular and the turrets which must have been carefully masked off when being processed.
So 'Painter' well done, you have done a marvellous job and it will set off my, also barrelled by you, .222, oh by the way the 'Rubbish' Bergara barrel you put on for me has proven anything but rubbish or substandard too.
Thanks again for job well done.


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Looking forward to seeing your photos, I've got a couple of scopes that could do with being freshened up myself.


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I was gob smacked when I saw mine, a really good job.
I have to wait for my son to visit to do photos, I might even put them up when the scope is mounted on the 'Rubbish' Bergara barrelled rifle, also ceracoated by James.


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The coating job on my 300 win mag is superb but the rifle itself he built is just devastatingly accurate.

Sako TRGs in a McMillan marble finish stock, coated black looks fantastic but shoots even better.

Big thanks to James at Jager SA top man.