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Nick Gordon

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I don't know if it is only on BBC Scotland but this programme is on tonight, I think

From what I read in the Sunday paper yesterday, I think it might be another programme about Mr Lister's attempts to re-introduce wolves etc. in Scotland

Probably only slightly better that what will be on the other channels.

I read in the Sunday Times he is now trying the same thing in Romania.



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Its a Monday night, however bad it is, it will better than the rest!

BBC2 Scotland only or for the technologically advanced, sky guide channel 990....


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Just watched it...seems like a rehash of the programme that was on a few months back.

What this guy is proposing, at least on it's current scale, isn't reintroduction, it's a wildlife park. To make it sustainable he would need most of Sutherland at the very least. With woodland generation we are very careful to take seed from the local area - how can we say that using DNA from Sweden is reintroduction?

Yes of course I would like to see some more variety here but is it feasible? Well, let's just say I hope to be proved wrong.

Nick Gordon

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As you say, Frax, a rehash of the earlier progrmamme.

Given the current cost of fuel, who is going to travel that distance to what is, in Mr Lister's own words, a safari park?

As I understand it from the article which appeared in the Sunday Times, the Scottish Exceutive are not keen on his prooposals given the right to roam amongst other concerns.

I'm not sure of what the Accredited Winesses would make of the way the deer carcases were dumped on the road then piled on top of one another in the back of the landrover before being dumped on the road again at the larder :!:



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I think this is one of a series and the original programme was a compilation of various chunks of the series, we shall soon see as it unfolds. It is really interesting for me, living here I play the game of how many people do I know. That shop is up and running, but not very well staffing difficulties, they are advertising for a new manger/ess just now. Although to be fair to them some of their kit is quite reasonably priced in comparison to other outlets.

Those Highland safaris to go Roe watching could be quite a long job, no Roe on Alladale as far as I know :D :D

I just can't see how he is going to release prey and predators into the same enclosed area, no matter how big it is. Unless there is some master plan that he has yet to unveil, or I am missing something. Time will tell.



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As some will know I used their larder over a period of about 9 years and have stalked Alladale. I also had a large lease that marched on their boundary. I now have a lease that runs right up to their back door.

There are very very few Roe in the area, we do not shoot Roe on my lease, and I know for a fact that a Roe Deer on Alladale is about as common as one of us picking 6 numbers on the national lottery. I am also aware that the Alladlae team tried to catch some Roe from a forestry block outside of the area. This resulted in one deer taht promptly died of shock :rolleyes:

The Alladale dream is just that, money would be far better spent on planting and fencing to encourage tree growth. Instead the number of deer culled has caused issues with their neighbours who are not fenced off from them.

I also find it remarkable that on none of these programmes do they mention the eradication policy they have on Jap Sika. Lister wants them all wiped off the face of Scotland, and then re introduce Elk, Boar, Wolves, Bison :lol:

What a pity Alladale was a model sporting estate, it is now a shadow of what it was. Even the old Alladale staff, some of whom still work there, are now not allowed to stay or live on the estate. And as for employing local people, and creating new jobs, very little chance of that either. I have seen no change since the new owners took over, and its a closed shop. Funny also they do not tell poeple that they are still asking for people to take stalking on there, at around £20,000 a week :eek: