The Right Decision.

We sat down and decided what date we would travel up to our stalking for our next trip. The date was set for the bank holiday weekend, yes nothing on that weekend lets go for it. On the way home ooops:doh: thats my wedding anniversary , so on arriving home the question was asked ( what would you like to do on our anniversary this year my darling). Nothing much its not a special one was the reply, no problem I said, in that case I am going stalking with the boys (RIGHT DECISION).
So friday arrived and off me and my stalking partners went for a six hour drive to our ground in Scotland. The friday night bought any of us any joy with only one doe spotted between the three of us. A meeting was then had over a bottle of wine and some cheese on the plan of attack for the next morning, Toad and Gelert chose there area so I decided to go the opposite way and work my way down from the caravan (RIGHT DECISION).
The morning arrived and off they both went in the pickup and all though it was still dark I decided to get going anyway down the track towards a clear fell area that I was going to stalk, but on arriving it was still dark and walking in the clear fell was far to dangerous. So I decided to go the opposite way and set my self up on a bank looking down a valley and over on to a bank that dipped into another clear fell (RIGHT DECISION). I waited for a good half hour or more but no movement was spotted so I reached to my pocket and got the buttaloo out (RIGHT DECISION) and gave it a few blasts but nothing, but a few more peeps and over the bank opposite pops a doe and a few seconds a buck in toe about 120 yds. Off goes the hart at 100 miles an hour and I lift my rifle to the sticks sight him and confirm to my self yes it is a buck. The hart pounding I try to slow the breathing and steady my gun a couple of deep breaths cross hair on the shoulder and pull the trigger and down he goes, have another look through the scope and yes he is still there on the deck. My first ever buck and my first kill off the sticks. What a great feeling.
To top the weekend later on that day one of my stalking partners Gelert gets to shoot his first red stag. A great weekend and the RIGHT DECISION (OH BY THE WAY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LUV)


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An anniversary you're shure to remember for a long time,and whenever you look at the head above,I hope the fire place,you'll recall that weekendand,you'r first buck and my stag :D


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Pleased the weekend worked out so well for you. There will be times when you look back and think WRONG DECISION but there again hindsight is wonderful!