The Roaring Begins


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I'm at Halkirk now and looking forward to tomorrow when I will be out for 2 days. I'm told the roar started last Thursday here, so with the colder weather coming from the north it should get louder. I can't wait to get out there. Good luck to you all if you're out over the next few weeks.


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heard some roaring last night and this morning on rannock moor but only sporadic ,not yet full on but its coming


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I heard my first stag roaring today. I didn't see him but he roared twice from a plantation.
I was out the back of muirneag on Tuesday and have never heard anything like it, there were maybe more than 10 stags all roaring around me, some close and some a long way out. The wind died back and it went dead quiet except for the roaring. Fantastic day out, I was fishing and walked a long way so I didn't try to get in on them for a good look as I was running out of daylight for the walk out.

devon deer stalker

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Got one lined up mate!

Yep, a very healthy population in these parts, but we don’t have the Fallow like you valley dwellers. To be honest, stalking here in Devon is quite outstanding..........But don’t tell anyone.

Good luck Mike.

Yep you're correct, plenty of Fallow in the 'valleys' but I lost 2 places in the last 12 months, one purchased by the woodland trust, the other went to 'money' but as we know sh1t happens!

But I agree, stalking is crap in Devon, move on, nothing to see here!