The Second Hand Rifle Market - Hot or Not?

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Every market is imperfect and moves given certain influences or conditions. I was under the impression the market was good for decent quality second hand rifles. Following a discussion with an RFD I think i was wrong so did some extra research, there seems to be a lot of kit that is over priced and not selling and the supply is nothing but HUGE. What do you think, does this market "ebb and flow"? There is a lot of evidence of sales prices (aspirational) but no info of actual deal prices which is where the true market is. Thoughts very welcome.

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There has been stuff coming up for sale over the last couple of years you probably wouldn't normally see and at the prices people have been asking. Look in the right places and there's always a bargain to be had, however this can have a knock on affect on sales in general as it can devalue items that are worth more. But as I always say there's always someone looking and willing to buy.


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When some one is looking to buy they are always looking for the bottom end price and the best bargain
When some one is looking to sell (Even that very same person) they are always looking for the top end of the bracket and even more if they can get away with it.

I have often seen people advertise things for such little difference from the brand new price that I will just buy a new one as I know there will be no problems and will most likely have a warranty if there is. When this is the case it's the seller that suffers because they remain stuck with an item.

Well priced bargains of any type don't hang about long, as you will often see in the for sale sections here. Some people sell items within minutes of posting, others post the same items up every week as they can't shift them for the price they want.

Sometimes it can all just be luck, as you cant sell someone something they don't really want. If you have a rare object that is rarely for sale then you can ask for more, if you have something that many other people have and are always being put up for sale, then you need to be realistic and competitive.
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I think that it is extremely sad in these times of austerity that people are sometimes forced to sell their hard earned "leisure items" at ridiculously low prices just to make ends meet.

Many times were see here brand new or slightly used custom rifles at knock down prices..

A real shame, the second hand market is abundant with good quality goods, definitely a buyers paradise.
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