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Hi Fellow Members,
Can all members interested in taking part in the Charity 'March and Shoot' for Help 4 Heroes, please register their interest below. We are aiming to hold this event late September. Location to be confirmed.

This event will be a sponsored 8 mile timed march carrying a weighted Roe sack/day bag and shooting sticks. The teams on completing the march will then go straight into a target shoot. Points will be given/deducted for the time taken for the march and the accuracy of the shooting. It is hoped that we can get at least six teams of four on the day. Age, sex or ability are not a problem, teams will be selected to reflect the abilities of the competitors.

If you don't want to take part in the March and Shoot why not come along as a course marshal, RCO, or just to help out with the BBQ and cheer the competitors on!

Please have a look at the H4H website.

Many Thanks Steve.F


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what about donations?
as there may be some on here that can't march or be there on the day to help but may like to donate to fund the event or donate to the charity
just a thought


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Possibly Shropshire, The Long Mynd. We are going to ask David Ryan at Minsterley Ranges to donate the range for the day., fingers crossed! ;) Rob Mac is working on that.

Its still early days but we are getting there. The original thread for this idea is on the Marathon thread 300wsm. I hope this helps. :D


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Hi Stone,
Well yes, members who want to donate money can either do so through the H4H website or we could organise it so that it gets added to the sites final total at the end of the event. :D


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you mentioned BBQ i will donate sausages burgers chicken for this and also do this for you if not a sunday as i work but would still donate the meat for it . Dont want to be a damp sqid but surly we should be looking at insurance cover in case of injury or god forbid some body has a heart attack as most stalkers are old farts i was once told by a friend this may be true in my case but i hope not .


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Would BDS or BASC or any other organisation not cover it? It is a legitimate, lawful shooting event, albeit with a tab before hand? I would think that every shooter on here or taking part would have some sort of insurance?

Anybody got contacts at any of the shooting organisations for this?

pheasant sniper 1

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Need to get some weight off :D
Will bring some homemade grub for bbq
Will there be some marquees up for grub/socialising as will be bringing wife and young baby??



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Right here goes
Thanks Muddy for your kind offer, I was looking at making it a sunday event BUT nothing so far is set in stone!

Good point Tartin,
I'm hoping that our various club memberships will cover the insurance. I'll get my 'Legal eagle' wife on to it! ;)

Hi Terry'
Yes mate, the more the merrier! I'm hoping that Help 4 Heroes and some of the recovering wounded soldiers can be there to! We can show them our appreciation for their sterling work by getting the lads/gals drunk! :lol:


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Is there a target time for the eight miler?
Also how much sponsorship should be raised in order to be able to take part?
Will the firing point be conducted in prone position and/or from sticks? (puff,pant!) Cheers, Danny


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Hi DL,
I think that the shoot will be timed exposures, just to put the pressure on. As for sponsorship, I was thinking of asking Rob Mac to put a printed sponsorship form up on the site that can be printed off. If we get the range we want then we can shoot from bench rests, prone, standing whatever. As I keep saying 'Nothing at this point is set in stone'. :D

Thank you for your interest.


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Tea,Toast & Medals for the winning team then! I've done a couple of march & shoots before. Not to mention the two mile webbing run for the para cup,which is hideous!
It might be wise to keep the weight in the roe-sacks (or daysacks if thats OK?) to less than the mandatory 16kg/35lbs as I'm sure the medical cover would be used if people had to lug such un-sophisticated weights around with them! I'm tired just thinking about it!!
On a technicality,although I am the proud owner of a recently "opened" FAC,it says "zeroing on suitable land over which the certificate holder has authority to shoot",but doesn't actuall name "ranges". Does this matter?
This sounds awfully dull of me I know,but for shooting targets,I was lead to believe that to use expanding ammunition was against the law.
This would be no problem for me as I could make up a batch of 'match' boat-tail hollow points or FMJ's,but then where do we stand?!
Is bench loaded ammo allowed for use on ranges?
I hate to sound like a wet blanket,but for such a worthy cause,it would be a real dissappointment if anyone got bitten on the bum over a legal issue! The aim of the game here should be for the teams to have an enjoyable day,& if it takes a bit of prep & planning to make it happen then it will go as well as everyone is hoping. Danny


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Hi Danny,
Thanks mate all valid questions. I'll look into it and let you know. I only ever use expanding rounds on the range that I'm hoping to use for this event. However I will do some homework and get back to you. Are you a serving or exserviceman? I'm relying on the forces people on this site to advise me on many of the issues being raised as I have only ever done this sort of event once and that was over fifteen years ago.

All help and advice is very much appreciated.


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Steve, There is a military pamphlet on the different competitions for example, roberts,whitehead & falling plates.

This is a good idea & I hope it works out well for the members. Danny
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I am a little reluctant to dive in here as it is so easy to get carried away with the enthusiasm shown for such a good cause. I cannot make a confirmed commitment at this time but may be in a possition to offer the use of a "100yd" indoor range if I can persaude the other club members that this is a worthy cause.

The use of expanding ammunition is illegal for target shooting normally, but can be used for practise and zeroing.

Insurance difficulties can be overcome with regard to the use of an approved range quite easily.

As for course of fire there are several options;

1) Stalkers test as used by BASC / BDS.
100 yds - 3 rounds prone.
70 yds - 3 rounds sitting or kneeling.
40 yds - 3 rounds standing, single or double sticks allowed.

2) Alternative stalkers test as shot at the British sporting rifle club.
All to be shot at 100yds.
2 rounds prone.
2 rounds sitting.
2 rounds Kneeling.
2 rounds Standing using sticks if required.
2 rounds simulated high seat.

3) Bespoke course of fire including use of turning targets and/or one or more elements of the above.
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