The ultimate venison pie

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Ok lads youve asked for this!! For 2 years I worked in a very popular local aa rosetted resteraunt as the head chef. I wont give weights in any of my dishes as each and every person has different tastes and my educated tongue is my guide! I dont normally give my recepies out so be hounered :lol:

1 diced venison or beef
2 Shallots (full bag) from local supermarket around a lb
3 good red wine
4 stock preferable venison or a good beef stock with a touch of chicken
5 garlic no more than 1/2 glove
6 mixed spice
7 tomatoe puree
8 plain flour
9 seasoning to taste
10 puff pastrey

Put flour in a bowl and chuck meat in and coat. Heat a little oil in a large pan pat the meat to remove excess flour and brown a little at a time, once each batch is browned reserve in a seperate bowl, once all is done put whole shallots in (peeled) and gently sweat with pepper you may need a little more oil. Once the shallots are sweated add a LITTLE garlic and put meat back in and stir to mix. DO NOT BURN THE GARLIC as this gives mutts nut breath!!!!!!!! Put 1/2 bottle red wine in and reduce (important to remove alchohol and intensify the taste) whilst scraping the stuck flour of the bottom of the pan. Once reduced add the stock to JUST cover the meat and shallots and put about a table spoon of puree in. Simmer slowly stirring occasionally so it doesnt stick, if it sticks change pan do NOT scrape the pan as this will give it a burnt taste. When the meat is almost cooked to your licking e.g. falling to bits or nice chunks which readily break when squeezed add a little mixed spice and seaon until you get the taste you prefer. I dont bother with putting the lot in a dish covering with pastry and sticking in the oven I roll and cook the pastry seperate as i dont like the soggy bottom when its covering the meat.

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