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good evening all,
i thought i would put this to the community and see what you think!!
a couple of years ago my father and i were out stalking when in the distance appeared this young fallow pricket, he was on his own and walking very slowly with his head down.
now, this is not the normal behaviour of a healthy fallow pricket and on greater inspection we could see something was not right.
unfortunately, he was too far off and disappeared into neighbouring woodland.
the following night he appeared again and this time we could see him clearly and was in range and as the pictures show, his injuries were horrific!!

We did the humane thing and shot him where he stood.
as we walked up to him our first thoughts were he had been hit by a car maybe but when we turned him over to do the gralloch our minds changed!!

there was a horrible moan and a release of the worst smelling gas you had ever smelt.
this guy had been walking around with a hole the size of a large fist where his nuts should have been and all the internal area was green where he had started to rot whilst alive!!
it was a distressing site and it was a relief to see this guy put out of his misery!!
had this fallow pricket been the result of a botched poach with dogs or maybe something a little larger had decided it was dinner time??
there had been reports of some sightings of large cat like animals around the area so who knows?
be interested to know what people thought...a road traffic accident?, poachers with dogs?, or big cat??....or something else??????



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i know beowulf,
we returned home that evening with a good feeling inside that we saved this young pricket from any more misery!!



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I get upset watching animals suffering on TV. I want to put them out of their misery and then eat them! :lol: Its amazing how much pain and suffering deer can endure isn't it. Well done Duggers!


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im still amazed to this day as to how on earth this prickett was still walking around with the injuries that had been inflicted on it!

Andy L

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Gotta be dogs.
Bloody horrible to see this kind of suffering. I was stalking in some woodland in shropshire last year and saw a fawn out ot the corner of my eye that had obviously been hit by a car. It was dragging its back end badly.
After putting the poor thing out of its misery, it was obvious that it had been like it for quite a few days. It is amazing how they keep going.
I just hope that the day never comes where I have one run off with a hole in the wrong place. I am not sure how I would cope with it.
Well done duggers.


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Injuries to genitals and neck say dogs to me.

Wolves often break into an animal carcass to feed though the softest area, this is though the genitals hence why dogs some times go to this area on large game.

Best rgds



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Glad you persisted with that one,Duggers..I have seen some unusual injuries caused by wire entrapments , damage to the testicles and cuts around the neck similar to the pictures, but I agree with the general view...dogs. I have known of foxes attacking a trapped deer before it got free or died as they can be very bold especially if a dog, vixen and cubs are all having a go. Well done mate!


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Never ceases to amaze me how much punishment a deer will endure and still be alive. A human would in most circumstances not be able to withstand such pain and misery, and it just goes to show how the will to live and the sense of survival runs so strongly in wild animals.

Having said that, the injuries look suspiciously like those inflicted by running dogs to me.

Duggers you did the animal a great service by putting it out of its misery, and a professional job at that, well done.

paul k

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This is the side of stalking that the general public don't often see or appreciate - well done.

I agree with the others that dogs - whether loose or under the control of poachers - were probably responsible. Cats would be much more likely to attack the throat area.
:cry: Dugggers man I would like to shake your hand the poor beast would have suffered a horrible slow death.
We all kill deer but its a harsh reminder of what kind of damage a running dog can do and thats why most stalkers don't like the running dog scum bags


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Hi All,
Whilst stalking came across this poor sod hooked up on a barbed wire fence.He had been there long enough to kill himself by shock but not longer than 4 hours we estimate.[img
[/img]However his death made one of these pups meet his first venison.[img
[/img]Ufortunately one of the hazards deer face.