the warrener dvds


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cheers poodle,

anyone have any second hand warrener dvds for sale? even a copy? :lol:

i just cant justify paying over 30euro for a dvd......


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Tiny, you would not be asking us law abiding citizens to break the copyright laws would you?


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The majority of the Warrener dvds are excellent, especially the earlier ones. He really does know what he is doing as far as calling them into range for the shotty or rifle.

I quite liked his deer dvd, they seem to have some nice reds in that part of the world!

Some of the dog work in his other dvds isn't brilliant, but each to their own I guess.

monty the stalker

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Hi all

This very morning via Royal mail came a copy of:

Life with a Highland Keeper volume 2 Autumn & Winter.

Thought this would be a good dvd with a number of different aspects of stalking hill reds on it, as it is set on a northen estate in Scotland but although it does have a few stalks filmed, they are not that well filmed with poor background noise recorded so the sound of the area (with me personally it would be an out of breath old git), the excitment of the stalk (trying to make out which one to scope at) and the shot is lost (or am I just deaf from to many loud bangs).

The stag is taken by a neck shot and the hind by head shot, personally I would prefer to have seen good old boiler room shots ( I may be old fashioned) which, from reading every ones comments is the preferred place to whack them. They do however say in the dvd that these shots are for the well trained stalker! :confused:

Marks for this dvd from a stalkers point of view 6.5 out of 10



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Hi, only seen "reds in the roar." Luckily we were given it, but I was very disapointed. This is only my opinion....but that autumn watch was better, and that is not saying much!!!
Have read a lot by the warrener and think what he writes is great, but I think he should stick to foxes. There seemed to be no management to which deer he shot.