The white horse!


I broke down in the middle of nowhere and couldn't get the damned car started. Out of nowhere came a voice that said "Try the HT leads". I looked around and there was nothing in sight except a white horse with his head over a gate. After a while I put it down to imagination and carried on looking for the fault with no luck. After about five minutes the voice was back, "try the HT leads". Still nothing in sight except the horse. Well I've got nothing to lose thinks I and checked the HT leads. Well blow me down, one of em was loose. After replacing it the car started first time.
About a mile up the road I pulled into a pub for a beer. The landlord seemed a friendly sort so I told him about the breakdown and the voices. He gave me a knowing look and said "Was there by any chance a white horse by the gate?". Actually there was says I. "Well you were very very lucky" he said. Why's that then I said. ..... Well the black one knows sod all about motor cars.