Thermal Imager Demo Evening - Southern England Demo Evening

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Hello all,

A friend and colleague of ours will be hosting a Thermal Imager demo evening for Southern England, with a member of the Thomas Jacks team also in attendance to offer help and advice.

This event will be available to a limited number of people (Numbers limited to 30 people), on a first come first serve basis, and will offer you the opportunity to try and compare our latest thermal imagers in the field.

Mid Devon will be the location, and if you are interested in attending, please post accordingly.

Proposed date Sunday 18th January
Mid - End January, exact date/time and location to be confirmed.

Best Regards


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Having used a TI over past few weeks, it is absolutely fantastic. I have some pretty good NV kit and the TI completely blows it away for spotting!




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Paul, please include me and one (2)
Only night I can't make is the 27th January, it my birthday.............No pressies please guys :lol:
Is it Martin coming down from TJ's??
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