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Been using a B grade archer for the last 2 years, and has worked fantastic, but always fancied thermal, so I bought a atn mars 4, and first impressions are not very good, is this because I'm use to the gen 3 tube and need time to change, what do others think, be patient any try or stick to what you know???


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Can I ask what made you choose this particular model? And can you return it if you have just acquired it, as you do say your first impressions are not very good?


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The image produced by a thermal is very different from that produced by an image intensifier like an Archer.
The thermal image will never have the sharpness and detail of a gen3 tubed unit.
However, you will detect targets with a thermal that you'd never see with any tubed or digital NV kit.
Having said that, ATN have a pretty terrible reputation for reliability, service and back up so it's possible the Mars is not working correctly.




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Not a fan of ATN - I’ve found Pulsar to be far superior and an absolute game changer. Ditched my ATN 2 years ago and no going back!
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I have always fancied a thermal scope and could justify this one at the time, it has all the gadgets GPS and ballistic calculator which I liked the idea of etc, that to be Frank, are no good to me, with the archer, you can mag up in seconds, focus adjustment then take the shot, depending on distance but what I have found with the thermal scope is that there is a lag, once zoomed the clarity isn't as clear, object is smaller where as the archer, clear image, I'm sure after using and getting to know the scope it would suit my needs but really, should have kept with the archer in the first place, if it isn't broke, don't change it!!


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I have to agree with the above.
It takes a long time to get the best out of a NV unit. What with trying different IR's, scopes, mounts etc it becomes very time consuming and sometimes expensive trying to get the best from a unit and each time you make a change having to re zero every time.
I can fully understand why the likes of a Pard 800 have been a game changer to day / night unit.
At least with thermal it does away with all of the above providing you buy a unit that meets your needs. You really need to try the units against each other in the field before making the expensive leap as one unit will be suitable for someone's eye's and needs and not another's