Thermal Viewers, Scopes


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Do we think that this equipment should be available in our country. When the poachers gets to grips with this there will be no stopping them. We believe we are being hit with Nv and crossbows. Also silenced Rifles. At least with Ir we could see there illuminators. Now we will also need these viewers. woodfordfallow


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Technology is great , NV , digital NV , thermal spotters & viewers .... But

Rest assured I'll bet they have gotten to grips with this long before lot of us on here knew much bout it .... If they are serious & making coin they will have it already ....
You could clear an area quickly with it I think .

Would I rather it wasn't available ? No .... I'm totally addicted to NV never use a lamp now hardly



Thermals are great for spotting deer in dense woodland, especially when there are sunny patches of light and deep shadows. Stalkers best friend, except perhaps a rifle :) Oh, and a pair of decent boots, and a hip flask.