Thermion xm50


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Anyone using one

Are you happy with it

Just how good do you think it is compared to others you may have used,



Eric the Red

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It is a very good piece of kit Bob. Very impressed with the 12mu core. Good levels of detail, like the higher base mag and the eye position afforded by the more traditional scope shape.


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Fantastic bit of kit Bob,total game changer, great image & detail levels


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i sold my XQ50 last year to buy a Thermion XM50 and i used 3 or 4 times as i didn't like it at all and after about 3 weeks i sold it
and i bought Ward WT1 75-3 and its the best Thermal i have used for foxing. but saying that the other day i did buy another Trail XQ50
as its a good all round thermal from close range rat shooting up to 250yrd+ Foxing


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Cheers lads

still using the drone and a thermal spotter so I am happy at the moment