These are a few of my favourite things

The Lucky Hunter


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Now this is a light hearted survey and you can name any of your favourite/least favourite things. So here goes my list:-

Favourite wine-Red Rioja
whisky-Jamesons, Glenfidch
beer-Bass Bitter, Brew XI

Favourite food-Sea food, Indian, Morroccan

Favourite film-Enemy at the Gate, The Thirty-Nine Steps, Moby Dick, Whiskey Galore, The Quiet Man

Favourite film stars-John Wayne, Michael Caine, Christian Bale, Doris Day

Favourite Books- Kim by Rudyard Kipling, John Mac Nab by John Buchan, The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers, anything with Biggles in it.

Favourite Native American Indian- Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce

Favourite 'Old Style' British Wrestler-Kendo Nagasaki

Favourite comic book hero-Rogue Trooper, Union Jack Jackson, The Punisher, Swamp Thing

Favourite childhood toy-Action man

Favourite living thing-Trees, deer

Favourite Jam- Tip Tree Raspberry Jam

Favourite places in the world-Scotland, Canada, Gibraltar, Bermuda and the Falkland Islands

Favourite Childhood TV program-'Flashing Blades', Cat Weazel, Out of Town with Jack Hargreaves

Favourite 1970's pop group-Showaddy Waddy :eek: :lol: Bonzo Dog Doodah Band

Favourite Airfix model-1/12 scale Bengal Lancer

Favourite vegetable-'January King' cabbage

Favourite fantasy Job-Anglo Saxon Warlord, Writer

Dislikes/least favourite:- General Custer, Soap operas, Social worker types, alco pops, Football stars, Feng shui, Jazz

Your Go!

paul k

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Here goes!

Favourite wine- New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir

Whisky- Craigellechie

Beer- Wye Valley but prefer a good pint of Scrump

Favourite food- well hung rib of Hereford beef cooked rare, or any good quality meat like Gloucester Old Spot pork or Welsh mountain lamb

Favourite films - Enemy at the Gate, Zulu, Godfather Trilogy

Favourite film stars- Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, Meryl Streep

Favourite Books- Maneaters of Kumaon and anything by Wilbur Smith

Favourite Native American Indian- Uncas

Favourite 'Old Style' British Wrestler - Bert Royal

Favourite comic book hero- Hate all comics but love the original Batman TV shows

Favourite childhood toy - Bow and arrow

Favourite living thing - Deer

Favourite Jam- My own homemade Raspberry Jam

Favourite places in the world- New Zealand, Ireland and New England

Favourite Childhood TV program- Tiswas

Favourite 1970's pop group- Rolling Stones, Queen

Favourite Airfix model- Can't stand them since being forced to make several dozen for my younger brother

Favourite vegetable- Runner Beans

Favourite fantasy Job- Wildlife cameraman

Favourite other pastime - Fly fishing

Dislikes/least favourite:- Jazz, socialists, bigots and PC merchants


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Ooops! Yeah Mr Fish you are right! Okay Trees, Deer, my dogs and Mrs Beowulf! :lol: Or do I like battenberg cake more? :confused:


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Ahh well here goes.

Favourite wine, South African white wines.

Favourite Whisky, Laphroig, Glenmorangie.

Beer, sorry I am a Lager man :oops:

Favourite food. Well matured rib eye steak, or sirloin, or even better Kudu or Eland. Sea food as well, and most fish.

Favourite films. Zulu, Enemy at the Gate and Battle of Britain

Favourite film stars, dont really have one.

Favourite books. Anything written by the old big game hunters, Selous, Bell, Neuman etc.

Favourite N A Indian. Dont really have one, but the Mohikans I guess.

Favourite British Wrestler Mick Mc Manus

Favourite Comic book. Dandy and Beano

Favourite childhood toy. Dont have one really, but the mounted Green woodpecker in a black case my dad bought me when I was 10, ranks high.

Favourite Jam, Blackberry and Blueberry

Favourite place in the world. Many places, but top of the list is Africa, in particular Botswana and the Khalahari desert, follwed by the Scottish Highlands.

Favourite childhood TV programme. Animal Magic.

Favourite pop group. Dire Straits

Favourite airfix model. Spitfire and Hurricane

Favourite fantasy job. Lucky the one I have now, but I wanted to be a PH in Africa as well.

Favourite pastime. Being with my friends, and my grandchildren.

Dislikes. People who are arseholes, now I am over 50 I try to avoid them more than ever. Jazz, Blues, travellers (gypsies) who steal and poach, and marmalade with the bits in it, antis, new age people, thieves, liers, back stabbers, pedophiles, politicians and anyone who knocks on my door to try and sell me something. :lol: :lol:

Thank you Victor Meldrew. AKA Sikamalc :lol:


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Its surprising as so far I completely agree with every thing that has been posted! :lol: It seems that Enemy at the Gates is everyones favourite, although the book by Honourable sniper Zeitsev is even better, no poofy love story! :D


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Hi, well here goes my turn.

Favourite wine, Any red wines with the carminere grape.

Favourite Whisky, Laphroaig, Bowmore Linkwood.

Beer, Theacktons old peculiar

Favourite food. Well hung steak, fish, pasta.

Favourite films. All bond movies, Indiana Jones.

Favourite film stars, Hally Berry, Sean Connery.

Favourite books. . Any fictional type, hate stories. Apart form Famous Five and secret Seven.

Favourite N A Indian. Has to be Geronimo.

Favourite British Wrestler Big Daddy

Favourite Comic book. Dandy and Beano with sikamalc on this one

Favourite childhood toy. Mechano

Favourite Jam, Strawberry

Favourite place in the world. South Africa, Scotland parts of America (where there’s no people).

Favourite childhood TV programme. Blue Peter.

Favourite pop group. Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars (Bowie)

Favourite airfix model – planes used hang them from the bed room sealing

Favourite fantasy job. Not to have a job, just take people out Stalking etc, and travel the world hunting in all the different environments’ and to be challenged by the elements species’.

Favourite pastime. With the Kids and Michelle as I don’t see them at times that much through work or Sitting all alone in the middle of nowhere.

Dislikes. People who are arseholes, now I am over 50 I try to avoid them more than ever. Jazz, Blues, travellers (gypsies) who steal and poach, and marmalade with the bits in it, antis, new age people, thieves, liers, back stabbers, pedophiles, politicians and anyone who knocks on my door to try and sell me something. Struggling to better this :lol:



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Good on ya Smithy :lol: Oh one more thing for dislikes Trolls ;) forgot that one. (Although I suppose arseholes covers that) but just needed to clarify it.

I am sure Poddle would agree ;)


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Favourite wine, I`m with Beowulf on the red rioja.

Favourite whiskey, Glenfiddich.

I`m a carlsberg man myself, 8x500m cans for a fiver from lidl. I`m not proud. Common as muck. :oops:

Favourite food, I suppose a sunday roast beef, but do enjoy chinese and indian but they play bloody havoc with my guts the next day, it`s like ghandis revenge :oops:

Favourite film, Can`t say i really have one but do enjoy those i get off my mate. nudge nudge wink wink, know what i mean guv, is she a goer eh, say no more.? :oops:

Favourite film star, Don`t have one. :eek:

Favourite book, Sad i know, but i don`t bother reading that much. :eek:

Favourite N A Indian Tonto :lol:

Favourite wrestler, Big daddy. :confused:

Favourite comic book, Never bothered, I spent my comic book money on lollypops in a bag from the local offy. :rolleyes: aahh, the memories.

Favourite childhood toy, Diana SP50 gat gun that my dad bought me back from the sports shop. :p

Favourite jam, Strawberry with the lumps of strawberries in. :lol:

Favourite place in the world, Probably Egypt. 8)

Favourite childhood TV programme, Brendan chase.

Favourite group, Linkin Park, at the moment.

Favourite airfix, didn`t really bother, I had more mature things to do, like shoot my spud gun. Which reminds me, where can i get one from??. :evil:

Favourite fantasy job, Sikamalcs, haha :lol:

Favourite pastime, motocrossing and stalking.

Dislikes, Where do i start, I will just say everything that`s already been said :evil:



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Hey Wadders, I hope to see you down here in May for the get together at the museum.

Dont go letting me down now :D Besides Rob promised to buy the first round so if everyone turns up :eek:

I lied about my Job as well, I am really a retired porn star :lol: :lol:


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Thanks for the thought malc, Let me just have a look at the dates again, and see how i am fixed, it might just fall on my holidays from work. I must admit it would be good to put some faces to names. :lol:



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i hav just spent ages writing one of these out just for my computer to log me off as i tried to submit it :evil:
so i am not writing another one
stone the party pooper ;)


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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Never mind Stone, I will soon find out when i visit. If you have copies of the Dandy and airfix models hanging from the ceiling you will be alright in my book. ;)


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dandy and air fix models what are they?
i came from a small welsh village full of pubs last thing i would spend my money on is the dandy, mind you i did enjoy a good cow pie down the local :lol: :lol:


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No doubt I'll repeat some things which others have said, maybe it shows we have more in common than our sport

Favourite wine - Chilean Merlot
whisky - Black Bush (honest it exists)
beer - Brains "Reverend James"

Favourite food - Sea food, Morroccan, Sushi

Favourite film - Cross of Iron, Jeremiah Johson, Enemy at the Gate, Godfather, Das Boot, Zulu,

Favourite film stars - none

Favourite Books- like most things by Rudyard Kipling, The map that changed the world

Favourite Native American Indian- Apaches (Geronimo) and Athabascans (Chief Seattle)

Favourite 'Old Style' British Wrestler-Kendo Nagasaki

Favourite comic book hero-Rogue - don't really like any of them

Favourite childhood toy - Big yellow crane, airfix fort

Favourite living things - family, espec the missus and daughter, tuna, trees, deer & dogs

Favourite Jam - Blackcurrant

Favourite places in the world - Back end of a rifle looking at a deer plus Ireland especially the west, Scotland, Canada, Alaska, Southwest USA

Favourite Childhood TV program - Out of Town with Jack Hargreaves, Robinson Crusoe

Favourite 1970's pop group - Thin Lizzy

Favourite Airfix model - Avro Lancaster

Favourite vegetable - Broccoli

Favourite fantasy Job - owning my own oil field!!

Dislikes/least favourite - In no particular order; Guardianistas, Fashion, Jazz, Rap/Hip-Hop (how can they call it music?), Soap operas, Lefties, Football stars, chavs, dole scroungers, LACS, low fat or diet food, battery farmed food,


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Here goes,
Favorite wine, Any nice shiraz

Favorite whisky, None it makes me chuck.

Give me a Magners and i'm happy

Favorite food, Mums roast duck

Favorite film, has to be quigley down under or legends of the fall

Favorite film star, Probably Brad pitt haven't seen one of his films i didn't like

Favorite book, I've just read the story of Carlos hathcock for the second time but you can't beat a bit of Corbett for some pleasent bedtime reading

Favorite indian, ?
Favorite wrestler ? To young to remember them
Favorite comic Has to be Dandy

Favorite childhood toy, Webley Falcon .22 And ive still got it, Mum used to bring me 500 Eley Wasps every week and then shout at me for shooting her clothes pegs

Favorite Jam, Any without too many lumps in
Favotite childhood tv programe, Dangermouse
Favorite group, Thin Lizzy
Favorite airfix, ?
Fantasy job, Anything that allows me to Shoot as mutch as possible
Favorite pastime (other than the obvious) Dog training

Dislikes, people that have no pride in ther work, poor customer service,
Reality shows,Anyone who passes judgment on me because of my hobbies.



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This is great, talk about a trip down memory lane! Stone Airfix kits are what your misses looks up at when doing her duty to king and country! :lol: That and stuffed animals!
I'll have to add up how many times we agree on favourites and least favourite things. Danger Mouse...Ha...ha! Classic! :lol:


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Hi geoshot
Had "Reverend James" a couple of years ago,that is some pint, forgot about it, it turned a boring evening into something to remember, it creeps up on you such good taking.

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