They Do Come Up With Some Carp!


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essential wear if your a bad ass ! I can't see in the photos but I presume it has a visible tag so everyone knows how bad ass you are?


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I'm so naive, for a minute I thought they were just a pair of jeans. Silly me!
Pah !! Do you know nothing?? Look at the price man, look at the price! They are made out of denim! They have belt loops! They have pockets! Just like a pair of jeans! Oh. Hang on a mo.......


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You can't have a quick, tactical, pee with a button fly............
....shouldn't be they black and synthetic to make them truly tacticool?? (Probably a different website required to find those kind of pantaloons.....)

private fraser

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The spec on those is more detailed than the specs on some of the lab equipment I work on so once you've paid the technical author who wrote that, the photographer, the web designer and the sellers profit plus the cost of the actual item then I think £145 is a bargain :fib:.

What are you carping about?.


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what I want to know is do they have picatinny rails for mounting extras like lasers and torches and extra sights and handles and bipods and fake grenade launchers and other cool s**t

Walts queue here please


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u need a she wee with an extension pipe, i do customised any colour out of bespoke polyurothane pipe/funnel for £150 or if you need a carrier bag they are £160 ,or for 145 quid i will sell you my six quid easyfit jeans?:cool:


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silly me i thought my asda 4quid work jeans were made of denim ,with pockets and belt loops.why didnt i think of spending £145 instead for a label .:cuckoo:


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With increasing frequency, today's missions require blending in across diverse environments. TAD Intercept Pant was built to help you prevail without standing out. Combining a classic silhouette with engineered functionality, the Intercept lies in the grey zone between performance and style, keeping you below the radar and in control.
Love it !!! :rolleyes:


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Anything with Interceptor/Terminator/Big_Badass_Killer associated with it is avoided like the plague by most of the shooters I know, but this takes things to a whole new level. Not a good one either.