This mornings buck

Having been really busy at work this week I've not had chance to catch up with a few bucks I've had my eye on and with grouse starting next week I wanted to try. Up at 4 and with a short drive I was out stalking to an area I've been watching a 5 point buck. I stalked across the first open field and a doe came over the horizon at set off barking. After 5 mins I carried on over the horizon and out in the open was a buck and doe. I crawled into 120 yard and set up on the bipod. I watched for 20 mins or so just out of interest when a good six pointed walked out 160 yards away. I had set my mind up on shooting the 5 pointed so went he turned I barked to stop him and he fell to the shot. I tried filming it on the iPhone but not very good. Carried on after and came across 4 does and a small buck but no rutting going on.


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Handsome buck ! Yorkshire lad and looks like your dog is enjoying the outing too :)
thanks for posting