This mornings stalk.

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I was supposed to meet Andy at 6.00 but the call came, running late, won`t be long. I had a scan of the field with the binos which revealed a buck a doe and a young one. When he eventually arrived, i pointed out the buck and i reckoned on the only way to stalk this was to go the long way round the field and use the only hedge that splits the two fields. At one place, near the top of the field, there`s a couple of small trees and you can stand in the hedge and scan the field. Sounds easy, but this place is so open and even the 100, 200 yard shots are not on because of the wheat, so the long stalk is often the only option. Anyway, i made it to the hedge, stopped for a minute to catch my breath and ready myself to scan the field. I slid the sticks into the hedge, gathered the sling (it ****es me off when it catches on the branches) and stand in the hedge. To my amazement there`s now three bucks out in the wheat, one at about thirty five yards, he`s a beaut. If he was the only one there, i`d have left him. Then there`s one at eighty ish yards, a fair animal and at about a hundred and twenty yards, a pricket. The pricket is out of the question because the shot wasn`t safe. The first buck was staying, no matter what so it had to be the middle buck. A nice even set of antlers on him.
Can`t think of a better way to start a day off.




Nice looking buck there Basil i like the heavy bone webbing the antlers.
ps good story.
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