This years first fallow

On one of my permissions I had a call to say the fallow were bothering the feeders and could I take a look. Thankfully the fallow were in season now and so I set off to have a look.
The estate has some deep valleys and as I drove in down a very rough track I spotted a few deer away up another valley on a clearfell. I stopped and checked with the binos and to my amazement it was the offending bucks about 500m away.
I ditched the truck and took to the treeline. I managed to scurry forward undetected to about 200m and set upon a mound of brash. There was a big dark buck and I took it to be one of the 2 that the keeper had described to me. I picked him out and took the shot, he folded and rolld down the slope.
To my surprise it seemed to not concern the others. I picked out a pricket next and due to the angles took a neck shot, he too folded and lay on the bank side. This now caused deer to run in all directions, there must have been 8 or so. With this another light buck stopped, the second culprit described by the keeper, as he paused I took him too!!
An amazing few minutes came to an end. I then had to call the keeper to give me aa hand with the extraction as it was a pig of a drag from the clearfell.