Thoughts on the Swift Scirocco bullets

Hales Smut

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Anybody using these ? Sako offer some ammo with these bullets. Meat dammage should be minimal. I reload for the 243. With these 90gr bullets, maybe meat dammage could be low. Probably it could make punch the 243 in a higher class. Could it make the 243 take reliable game in the 80 - 100 kg class at normal ranges. Red hinds on the hill out of any acceptable angle ?


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They are undoubtedly extremely well made bullets
i had them in .270

i am however not convinced they are proportionally better than any other high end bullet for the money they cost!

any decent bonded or locked cup and core bullet in .243 in an appropriate weight/velocity should result in acceptable terminal ballistics on game in that weight class (when you stick it somewhere sensible obviously!)

IMO meat damage is caused by a number of things, namely:
too light/too fast,
poor bullet construction choice for the task or for the velocity,
poor shot placement/visualisation of expected path,
variable aspects of striking bones and deflecting

Lighter bullets on heavy for calibre game require more attention (ability!) to shot placement and an advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the target species.

WDM Bell favoured the 7x57 for elephant, but he had an extremely advanced knowledge of elephant cranial anatomy


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I have used these fairly extensively in .308 and .30-06 loadings with 150gr bullets and have been very impressed with them on deer and boar. I am working on trial loadings in 7mm-08 using them but no real life experience of on game performance yet in that calibre. I have loaded and used the 90gr in .243 myself and loaded them extensively for a mate who has used them a lot with very good results, including on reds. However, we are both of the opinion that it does not make the .243 in to something it is not.

They are expensive and, in my experience, slightly fussy over seating depth due to the secant ogive and seem to prefer being seated well off the lands. That said, I really like them and consider the 90gr .243 option to be a very good one if you are going to develop a deer load but do not fall in to the trap of thinking this will turn your .243 in to a .270!

Bewsher500 is entirely correct in what he says on meat damage.



Hales Smut

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In my 7x64 I have been using 160 grain Nosler Partitions. Very pleased with them, great bullet. This might also be the way to go in 243.