Three Muntjac Bucks

Out before the dawn this morning with Stratts and Andy who is a new member of our DMG.

Stratts sat in a high seat that regularly produces a deer, whilst I sat in one of our sets of finger rides. Andy went off to stalk another area.

I had only been there for about half an hour when I saw something move at the far end of one of the fingers. I watched carefully through my binoculars until I could make out a good sized Muntjac buck, browsing his way along the bramble. By 0710, it was sufficiently light and a good clear broadside shot presented itself at about 80 yards. The little Speer 85 grain flew true resulting in a sound 'thump' as he went over. One in the bag.

Nothing else moved for me but I heard Stratts have a shot resulting in a 'thump' too, so another one in the bag.

Time wore on and we had agreed a last shot time of 0930. At about 0845, as nothing else had moved, I thought I would give the cherry wood a few calls. I did four series of calls over a 20 minute period but nothing moved. After about ten minutes from the last call, I caught a glimpse of movement coming from behind the high seat to my right. It was a Muntjac buck, clearly on a mission and coming in answer to the call. He was only about five yards from the high seat, under which was sitting Ruby my Labrador. She was well aware of his presence as he was upwind. Fortunately she didn't move nor make a murmur or the game would have been up.
I sat stock still until he started moving away along one of the fingers. His rear end was presented to me, so no shot. I managed to move round and get the sight on him, hoping he would turn. He got to about 60 yards, then turned enough to take a shot. Thump! Another one in the bag.

Its surprising how long Muntjac, particularly bucks, will hang back before coming in to investigate. One must never be in a hurry to move on.

It was now about two hours since my first shot, so I thought I would get my Pulsar XQ30v Lite thermal out to see what it would show up. I was very pleased to see the first carcass glowing bright, with no mistaking. Bodes well for locating a runner I think.

Retrieved the carcasses, did the galloch, loaded them into my roe sack and heaved them onto my back. Half a mile walk back to where we had parked the truck made me puff and perspire a bit.

An enjoyable and fruitful morning trip.
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