Tick repellent


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Would diatomaceous earth work on dogs, rubbed into the fur before stalking? (It is fine ground seashell which even fleas get cut and bleed out on.)


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Have a look at seresto collars for the dogs, I have used them for a few seasons now and really cannot fault them.
As soon as spring arrives I put these collars on the dogs and have not had a tick latch on at all, they are a thin odourless rubber which impregnates the fur so the little b-----ds don't get the opportunity to bite in the first place.
I know everyone has an opinion which I totally respect, my view is that I would much rather use this method of tick prevention on dogs over dosing them potentially poisonous substances that are ingesteded or absorbed. Also it is worth a look at some of Mark Elliots reports, he did a piece in the latest BASC magazine, here is a link to his advice,

For me, I have started using Rovince products and so far so good over the last couple of seasons.....fingers crossed that this continues.