Ticks & Midges


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As an addition to my original post- One area of ground I shoot (both game & roe) in The Trough of Bowland I have observed a subtle change.
I have shot this land for 55 + years. Up until maybe 6-10 years ago I never recall seeing a single tick. I come across them regularly now, both on roe and dogs, thankfully not in large numbers, present nontheless. Also, I now come across on certain calm and 'puthery' mornings/evenings throughout Summer, clouds of irritating tiny midges. Not sure they are the same as the Scottish variety, but irritating and distracting just the same.
Farming practices in the area have remained largely unchanged (sheep,dairy,beef), yes, methods of grass cropping have altered significantly, but stock densities are still similar. Just thinking it may be certain chemicals were used previously are now banned, this has then allowed the tick to establish itself here. But this midge is a mystery !
Has anyone else who shoots in this area noticed anything similar ?
Thanks for the replies so far everyone.
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Having just returned from the wild bits of Sutherland, I can cheerfully say the midges were a pain (midge nets in use on a couple of occasions - just remember when you try and spit!:eek:) , rounded up a few ticks before they had time to settle in for a meal and managed to shed a couple of Keds which seemed to be more of a problem. Speaking to one of the crofters, he also thought the dodgy chemical compounds that he'd used over the years had given him a degree of immunity from ticks and so far no obvious neurological damage!


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I've just returned from Argyle had a problem with midges on one evening. Ticks are bad up to 40 ticks on a couple of roe. I had several ticks on me 2 keds managed to latch on, one on my neck and one on my lower eye lid, really difficult to remove as I wear glasses. With my glasses on I couldn't get at it with glasses off I couldn't see it. Got there in the end. Dogs have no problem they're treated.


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Literally haven't seen a single tick on any of the roe I've shot this year (stirlingshire). Now the reds are down off the hill, every one I've taken has been riddled with ticks and keds, however. Midges are also still very much present, although not as awful as they were a month ago.