Ticks on dogs


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Bravecto is undoubtedly very effective and extremely easy to use but if you search SD, you will find my other posts on the product and why I'll never use it again. I have gone over to using Advantix which appears just as effective as Bravecto but it has the massive downside of having the wet topical external application areas for typically 12 hrs when there's a risk it will be smeared down the side of the sofa. I have just re-applied today and the dogs are sun-bathing outside during their enforced eviction from under my feet.


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Bravecto has been fantastic for our spaniel…she was plagued by them until we tried Bravecto and not a single tick found on her since. 👍🏻


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Seresto collars work very well.Im lucky in that in upper wensleydale there are no ticks, my partner works in D and G for a forestry company and she has used seresto and Bravecto, both seem to work equally as well but the seresto collars work out cheaper.

tommy trucker

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I have found bravecto to be a life saver. My spaniel is allergic to anything that bites from house mites to tics.
It is far cheaper from Viovet than my vets, you will need a prescription to order.