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Dear All,

I don't know if we are to expect a bumper crop of ticks this year but be prepared. I shot a Roebuck on Tuesday morning, took it home and skinned it and got it hung up, there was a tick or two evident but nothing too drastic. This morning after I got out the shower I noticed a little black critter attached to my leg. I called the memsahib, along with her tick removal tool that she uses on the dogs, and she removed no less than eight of the buggers that had attached themselves to me.

I have lived in the Highlands for the last 12 years and have had three prior to this. I don't know if this was a one off or if the soft Winter has left a huge population of the little charmers intact. It has turned really warm up here in the last few weeks, as I have had no bother before I am assuming that the warm weather has kick started them.

Anyone else suffering?


Carl Gustaf

I think you are right about the mild weather, I'm hearing more cases of Lymes disease too! Mild winter, more fawns surviving, more deer, more ticks. Stands to reason. :???:

2428 miles

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Have to say i have noticed a fair few about and all!! found one in my bed tother mornin!!!
Now i'm not a grubby little so and so and the only explanation i can think of is my little friend thumbed a lift from the following morning when i had been out and wacked a little roe buck. He had a lot more than normal and had a gammy leg too. One of his front legs just hadn’t developed properly and was several inches shorter that the other!! was quite healthy and well fed though even had a doe with him!!


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On the subject of ticks l have culled 3 roebucks on my local ground so far this season 2 of them had very bad infestation of ticks the other was not so bad, we do usually suffer quite badly with ticks but there does seem to be more this year especially the male tick and l can only put it down to a mild winter and a very warm spring.
Strangely the Muntjac do not seem to suffer with the ticks anywhere near as bad as the roe if at all, any ideas?
Also has anyone tried the rid a tick patches that bush wear do,do they work


monynut said:
Strangely the Muntjac do not seem to suffer with the ticks anywhere near as bad as the roe if at all, any ideas?
I think it might have something to do with the density of their coat, along with the toughness oF their skin.

Carl Gustaf

Or is it that because Muntjac are very small, so they have very small ticks! 'Big fleas have little fleas that in turn have smaller fleas.' :lol: